Begun on faith and the proverbial shoestring, The Episcopal Women's History Project was organized in 1980 by a handful of dedicated Episcopal Churchwomen in New York City. Formed to raise the consciousness and conscience of the Episcopal Church to the historic contributions of its women, EWHP began, and has continued to gather the life stories of Episcopal Churchwomen who have served God faithfully and selflessly. It has inventoried written source materials, gathered oral histories, published a lively newsletter, supported research, given grants, and encouraged interest at all levels through conferences and workshops.

EWHP is an independent organization entirely supported by voluntary contributions. All donations to EWHP are tax-deductible. To make a contribution or to receive further information about EWHP or any of its projects contact the appropriate board member.

Episcopal Women's History Project Highlights 1980-2016



Selected Highlights

1980 BETTY GRAY Co-founded by Mary Donovan and Joanna Gillespie. Organized in August 1980, incorporated in New York as a non-profit corporation "To raise the consciousness of the Episcopal Church and outside community about the historic place of women in the church." Operated out of office donated by General Theological Seminary. Received grant from Windham House Fund. Received furniture from St. George's, Calvary and Holy Communion Parish. Received seed money from Trinity Church for June 1982 Conference in Austin, TX.
In 1981, President Betty Gray became Educational Coordinator for Ministries with Women, with staff support at 815.



1981 JOANNA GILLESPIE EWHP received sponsorship from HSEC and support from Episcopal Communicators. Reports on research projects begain. Task Force on Women Conference met in Indianapolis. Jeannette Ridlon Piccard died in May at 86.



1982 JOANNA GILLESPIE Goal: To research, write, and publish the history of the contributions made by women in the Episcopal tradition to the Church and to society. 3-page oral history guide available. Nationwide "Historical Connections" program began. EWHP Conference in Austin, TX, June 1-3. EWHP Workshop on Women Foreign & Domestic Missionaries, October 30.



1983 JOANNA GILLESPIE EWHP postcard sets with five pictures available. Deaconess History Project underway. EWHP handbook called Cultivating Our Roots neared completion, funded by a generous grant from the Episcopal Church Foundation. Council on Women's Ministries formed.



1984 MARGARET WOOLVERTON General Seminary provided new office space in Library. Celebrated the 100th anniversary of Eleanor Roosevelt's birth.


1985 MARGARET WOOLVERTON Newsletter special issue "In Their Own Words" from diaries, reports, correspondence. California Chapter published Vol. 1 of Women Who Made a Difference. Betsy Rodenmayer died; memorial trust fund established in her honor. Along with other national women's organizations, EWHP gained seat, voice & vote at ECW Triennial meeting.


1986 MARGARET WOOLVERTON EWHP joined Church Historical Society & National Episcopal Historians Association to sponsor 2nd national conference at St. Paul's, Washington DC. Publication of EWHP Calendar "Notable Episcopal Women," edited by Katharine Brown.


1987 MARGARET WOOLVERTON EWHP Board set up pilot program in Diocese of West Texas to help diocesan Boards retrieve their "herstories".


1988 MARGARET WOOLVERTON Publication of Remembering Our Sisters: The Rhode Island Herstory Project. Sandra Boyd and Joyce Howard represented EWHP at Council for Women's Ministries meeting at Blue Cloud Abbey, Milbank, SD. 3rd joint history conference met in June in New Orleans. EWHP President a delegate to ECW Triennial Meeting in Detroit. Founding EWHP Newsletter editor Mimi Bourne handed reins over to Sandra Hughes Boyd.



1989 JOANN GIANNINI Hearing Women's Voices: A Trilogy 1989-1991 series began. EWHP participated in Lilly Endowment's project, Religion in Mainstream Protestantism.



1990 ELEANOR SMITH JoAnn Giannini coined term "Tri-history Conference" for June meeting in Los Angeles. Sandra Boyd represented EWHP at Adelynrood reunion of Windham House/St. Mary's/St. Margaret's training school graduates.



1991 ELEANOR SMITH EWHP Conference,"Women, Mission and the Episcopal Church," in Minneapolis & Faribault, MN



1992 ELEANOR SMITH Save-a-Life campaign began; Series II Postcards printed; Second Decade Planning Workshop held; Episcopal Church Archivist Nelle Bellamy retired



1994 MARGARET ALDRICH EWHP Newsletter won 3 publication awards from Episcopal Communicators; Pamela Darling's New Wine published; EWHP awarded Mary Donovan 1st Adelaide Teague Case Award



1995 MARGARET ALDRICH EWHP Annual Conference & Meeting, Raleigh, NC, "Southern Episcopal Church Women: Telling the Story"; Lucy Germany became Newsletter editor as Sandra Hughes Boyd resigned to concentrate on her Ph.D.; New EWHP Calendar featured notable women. Marta Weeks gave $100,000 endowment to honor the Rev. Dr. Frank Sugeno & $25,000 for operating funds.



1996 MARGARET ALDRICH Windham House graduates Pat Page & Peg Aldrich received GTS crosses; EWHP Newsletter became TIMELINES; Annual Meeting in Berkeley, CA; Southern Women's History Project began



1997 JANET WATROUS EWHP Members to be called Supporters; Travel /Research Awards established; 700 on membership rolls, 48% categorized as "active"; Southern Episcopal Church Women's History Project (SECWHP) received 3-year funding grant from EWHP; Episcopal Church History Conference met in Pittsburgh in June; Joanna Bowen Gillespie received Adelaide Teague Case Award



1998 BARBARA SCHNORRENBERG Southern Episcopal Women's History Project meeting at Kanuga in June, "A Celebration of Southern Episcopal Church Women"; 1st Frank Sugeno Research Award for $1000 to Joan Marie Johnson; Catalogue of Materials Recording the History of Southern Episcopal Church Women published by SEWHP



1999 BARBARA SCHNORRENBERG EWHP closed office at GTS, moved papers to Episcopal Church Archives in Austin; EWHP offered new program kit, "Can These Bones Live? – A Reflection on Time, Women and Prayer"



2000 BARBARA SCHNORRENBERG EWHP continued funding for Windham House history project and approved funding for recording lives of African-American women in the church; EWHP essay contest "Every Woman Counts" selected first winner; Pam Darling received Adelaide Teague Case Award; October EWHP Conference in Portland, OR, "Drum Beats . . . Heart Beats"



2001 BARBARA SCHNORRENBERG History Conference in Toronto, "(Re)Making Anglican Traditions in North America"



2002 BINDY SNYDER EWHP joined NEHA for conference in Houston, "The Church's Mission Through Medicine"; SEWHP published Oral History Guidelines by Melynn Glusman; SEWHP conference "Sharing Light in the Mountains" honored deaconesses and lay women workers in Appalachia; EWHP went online with website; EWHP and NEHA joint meeting in Baltimore, "The History of the Episcopal Church in the Upper Chesapeake Bay Area"



2003 BINDY SNYDER EWHP returned to annual membership dues; Fredrica Thompsett received Adelaide Teague Case award



2004 BINDY SNYDER EWHP participated in national conference "Anglicans and Lutherans: New World Experience of Two Old World Traditions"



2005 JOAN GUNDERSEN African American Episcopal Historical Collection at VTS opened; Deeper Joy: Lay women and Vocation in the 20th Century Episcopal Church published; EWHP Conference in Dallas, "EWHP Roundup: Celebrating the Range of Women's Ministries"; EWHP Life Memberships available to build Endowment Fund; Ruth Alexander Award added



2006 JOAN GUNDERSEN EWHP added Malcolm and Pat Diesenroth Award for work done at parish level reflecting local efforts to promote and preserve women's history; The Rev. Dr. Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook received Adelaide Teague Case Award



2007 JOAN GUNDERSEN EWHP Speakers' Bureau formed; EWHP helps sponsor Williamsburg conference, "Legacies and Promise: 400 Years of Anglican/Episcopal History"; EWHP added Katherine Jefferts Schori Award for the New Millennium; Traveling Exhibit to show gradual progress of women in public and church-related roles; EWHP supported inclusion of 4 women on Lesser Feasts and Fasts



2008 SUSAN JOHNSON EWHP participated in NEHA Memphis conference, "Melodies, Maladies and Meandering Ministries"; EWHP adopted "Coloring Book for Triennial Project"



2009 SUSAN JOHNSON "EWHP Friends Fund" established to honor the deceased; The Rev. Sandra Hughes Boyd received Adelaide Teague Case Award



2010 SUSAN JOHNSONNANCY RADLOFF EWHP helped sponsor Tri-History Conference in Raleigh, NC: "From Manteo to the Millennium Development Goals: Seeking Mission and Justice in the Anglican Tradition 1584-2010"; EWHP planning 2011 conference for Seneca Falls, NY



2011 NANCY RADLOFF EWHP sponsored national conference "Making Do – Getting It Done" in Seneca Falls, NY, with presentations on women's history and a "Living History Panel" featuring pioneers in the women's ordination movement: Emily Hewitt, Carter Heyward, Pat Merchant, Marilyle Sweet Page & Nancy Wittig – moderated by EWHP board member Barbara Schlachter



2012 NANCY RADLOFF Joan Rezner Gundersen, Ph.D received the 2012 Adelaide Teague Case Award at the HSEC Banquet in Indianapolis, IN.



2013 NANCY RADLOFF EWHP joined HSEC & NEHA in sponsoring the Tri-History Conference, June 11-13, 2012, in San Antonio, TX: "The Episcopal Church on the Borderlands"



2014 JOAN GUNDERSEN EWHP associates with NEHA in preparing for the National Episcopal Historians & Archivists' 2014 Conference on The Quiet Strength of the Episcopal Church: Our Forgotten Women. Find out more about this conference, to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah June 17-20, 2014, on the NEHA website.



2015 MATILDA DUNN EWHP joined HSEC & NEHA in sponsoring a booth during the General Convention in Salt Lake City. A number of new Board Members are elected at the Annual Meeting. Nancy Radloff is honored during the HSEC Banquet.



2016 MATILDA DUNN EWHP joined HSEC & NEHA in sponsoring the Tri-History Conference in Oneida, Wisconsin.  Board Member Rose Mary Joe-Kinale served on the Joint Planning Committee.