EWHP Grants & Awards

Research and Travel Grants and Awards

Julia Chester Emery

Julia Chester Emery 1852 – 1922
General Secretary of the Women’s Auxiliary to the Board of Missions for 40 years


The Adelaide Teague Case Award, presented at General Convention to a recipient who fulfills EWHP’s mission:

1994: Dr. Mary Sudman Donovan
1997: Dr. Joanna Bowen Gillespie
2000: Dr. Pamela W. Darling
2003: Dr. Frederica Harris Thompsett
2006: The Rev. Dr. Sheryl Kujawa Holbrook
2009: The Rev. Sandy Boyd
2012: Dr. Joan R. Gundersen
2015: Nancy Radloff

Read more about Adelaine Teague Case here.
Mary Donovan Seminary Essay Prize in Women’s History

Named for one of EWHP’s Founders, this award is open to all students at Episcopal seminaries. It is awarded for an essay on some aspect of women in The Episcopal Church  and was prepared as part of the student’s studies. The Award ranges from $100 to $250 at the Board’s discretion.

Ruth Alexander Award for Local History Research in a Published Work

Named for longtime EWHP leader and author, Dr. Ruth Alexander, this award is given for an article or book published in the last two years that makes extensive use of local, diocesan and regional resources and has considerable content on some aspect of women in the Episcopal Church.

Malcom and Pat Diesenroth Parish Award

Encourages parish efforts to preserve and tell its history, especially including the stories of its women.  It is awarded after the fact as recognition of the effort. Efforts are not limited to traditional forms, but can include honoring ceremonies,  liturgies, cookbooks, calendars, or other creative forms of acknowledgement.  Award to Parish is $250.


The Triennial Frank Sugeno Research Award

This award, given in honor of the Rev. Dr. Frank Sugeno, Professor Emeritus in church history at Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest, is given every three years to someone under-taking significant research on the work of women in the Episcopal church.  The next award will be made in 2015.  Grant is for $1,000.

Annual Travel/Research Grants

Open to all involved in history-gathering projects concerning women in the Episcopal Church.  These grants – ranging from $250 – $700- are for assisting researchers  with travel to archives and libraries, copying and gathering of relevant materials, transcribing oral histories, and for advancing work in the history of Episcopal women  in other ways.  Those receiving grants may be invited to present papers and/or articles for upcoming EWHP conferences and publications.

Katharine Jefferts Schori Grant

The Katharine Jefforts Schori Grant is designed to promote the collection, preservation, and dissemination of records and other artifacts pertaining to the history of women in The Episcopal Church, including websites, print, film, video and other media formats. Two awards up to $2000 each may be given at any time during the calendar year.  Submissions accepted at any time.

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