Episcopal Women’s Organizations

Council of Episcopal Women's Organizations

The Council of Episcopal Women's Organizations brings together the leaders of a number of the organizations founded by Episcopal Women and through which women created space for women's leadership in and service to the church and society.

The variety of ministries is best illustrated by simply exploring these groups through their own web sites.  Most, but not all, of the groups below participate in CEWO.  Please contact the EWHP if you have other groups to suggest.

Anglican Women's Empowerment (AWE)
Commission on the Status of Women 
Daughters of the King
Episcopal Church Women
Episcopal Community
Episcopal Women's Caucus
Episcopal Women's History Project
Girls' Friendly Society
National Altar Guild Association
Church Periodical Club
United Thank Offering

While not specifically a women's organization, the Association for Episcopal Deacons has had a long and productive relationship with the Episcopal Women's History Project, and is included as a link on this page.