4 Nov

An update on our beloved Matilda!

Dr. Dunn, center, at St. John's, Ithaca, NY, 2011

Dr. Dunn, center, at St. John’s, Ithaca, NY, with past EWHP president Nancy Radloff and Marcia Fort,  2011

Dear EWHP board members past and present. . .(hopefully not missing anyone),

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since our meeting in Dobbs Ferry with all our lives hopefully busy and joyous in the work of Our Lord. I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful visit with dear Matilda Dunn in Chattanooga on Wednesday, October 16. She is looking well  on her way to recovery [after a serious illness prevented her from joining us at the Tri-History Conference in San Antonio].  We thought of you all and enjoyed reminiscing as well as looking to the future.
I saw Matilda as I was driving back home to Florida from the outstanding first national conference of Thistle Farms/Magdalen Community in Nashville. It was three days of inspiring meetings, wonderful country music and workshops that animated the attendees from 31 states.  The meeting place on the Vanderbilt campus was a great setting with its own atmosphere of mission and purpose.  The atmosphere couldn’t have been better and of course the tour of Thistle Farms, the new Thistle Stop Café and the primary residence totally heartwarming.  The residents and graduates themselves with their positive outlook on their lives in recovery will inspire me forever….and yes, I looked at it all as something present to be recorded and celebrated in the Episcopal Women’s History Project. I kept wishing you all were with me the whole week…you would have loved it and especially seeing Matilda doing so well.
Fondly, Susie Guise
Susie Guise is the current chair of the All the Saints, All the Time appeal for the Episcopal Women’s History Project and an active member of the EWHP Board.

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