5 Oct

A word from our President

EWHP Board meeting in Dobbs Ferry, NY. L-R Rev. Jan Watrous, Mary Robison, president Nancy Radloff, Matilda Dunn, Susan Johnson. All photos courtesy  Susan Guise.

What a blessing it has been to be a part of this group! I was reminded of this in September, when eight members of the board met in Dobbs Ferry, New York, for our annual board meeting. It was a wonderful, congenial, and productive time as we worked together, addressing the challenges and celebrating the opportunities of EWHP’s work.  We have set an ambitious agenda for the coming months, and we invite you to get involved.

Communication with our members and the larger community remains at the top of our list. Lynn Hoke sent a postal mailing to everyone on our old lists for whom we did not have an email address. While some of these were “returned to sender,” Lynn is adding the replies she received to our mailing list. That list is growing, but we’re always looking for people who might be interested in our work. If you know of anyone, please encourage them to send us their contact information (email to episcopalwomenshistory@gmail.com). Our goal is to have members from every diocese in the nation, and we’ll need your help to achieve it. We know this is ambitious, but we believe the work deserves to be known throughout the church.

Now that we have a mailing list and a digital newsletter, the board decided that, due to today’s rapidly changing technology and our reliance on it to communicate, we need a new web page. We are hard at work on this and will keep you posted on our progress.

I believe that awarding grants is a key part of the organization’s purpose, so I was thrilled that, due to the hard work of Joan Gundersen and Janet Watrous, the work of two deserving scholars was brought to the board’s attention as grant applicants. The board is pleased to announce that the following grants have been awarded, and do follow this link to find out more about these grants and the scholarship they support.

L. Teresa Di Biase of Langley, WA, has been awarded the Frank Sugeno research grant of $1,000 for her work on Deaconess Margaret Pepper and other deaconesses in the diocese of Olympia, and Whitney Trettien of Durham, NC, was awarded the Katharine Jefferts Schori Award of $978 for her work on the women at Little Gidding and their rich collection of Biblical Harmony. This grant will cover the costs of digitizing the earliest of the Harmony works, to make this collection accessible worldwide.Whitney Trettien of Durham, NC has been awarded a Katharine Jefferts Schori Award  research grant of $978 for her work on the women at Little Gidding who produced a rich collection of Biblical Harmony.  The award will cover the costs of digitizing the earliest of the Harmony works, now owned by Harvard University, thus making it accessible to scholars around the world.  The Katharine Jefferts Schori Award was created by EWHP to support historical work using media on women in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition. Congratulations, ladies! We look forward to seeing and hearing more about your work as it progresses!

October is here, and it’s time to turn our thoughts to remembering those women who have made a difference in our lives. Please consider honoring them with a donation to All Saints, All the Time. The money you give will honor them, and it goes to providing the grants that keep our work alive. You can find information on this elsewhere in the newsletter. Christmas is coming, too, and we’ll all begin shopping soon. Please remember that accessing Amazon through EWHP.org provides money to us without costing you anything.

Until next time, take care, work hard, and have fun!


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