TriHistory Conference, Deep in the Heart of Texas

Good morning! The hotel connection seems a little iffy, so live-blogging might not be so easy after all, but I’ll try to at least post every day. We are settled in here at the St. Anthony Hotel in San Antonio, a 19th-century hotel that’s being restored even as we meet. We are near the Riverwalk, which I haven’t yet seen–I’ll get more of a chance to do some exploring later in the week….and we heard a bit of commotion in the wee hours as the San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat in the second game of the NBA finals.

The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church has been meeting here since Monday, and the other two groups, NEHA and EWHP, joined the meeting yesterday evening for our reception and talk at TMI, the Episcopal School of Texas, on the north side of town. We learned that TMI was first established within a few years after the Episcopal Church came here and formed the Diocese of West Texas, our hosts for the conference, and our opening Eucharist used the words from the 1892 Book of Common Prayer. TMI is the alma mater of General Douglas MacArthur, whose father was stationed across the street from the campus at the time; Gen. MacArthur graduated in 1897.

Today we’ll head over to St. Philip’s College for a busy day. EWHP begins with our Board meeting at 7 am (!), and we’ll move into talks and panels, a play and tour of the college, and then our banquet and speaker. Find out more about our program at the Trihistory website!

Now it’s time for this New Yorker to find some coffee. I’ll upload some photos as soon as I figure out now to do that with this new phone. Stay tuned!

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  • The conference in San Antonio was just fabulous. Thank you all for making it so interesting to a first time attendee. I am now determined to do a better job of my own genealogy records and encourage others to attend the joint conference in Salt Lake City next year.

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