30 Jul
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Musings about the Tri-History Conference from Susie Guise

After that wonderful meeting at Dobbs Ferry, I thought there was no way to enlarge one’s perspective on EWHP, but this meeting in San Antonio added to and enlarged our task as we faithfully record and inspire with the lives of Episcopal Women.

The Diocese of West Texas as hosts really showed us an amazing time and the two educational institutions, TMI-The Episcopal School of Texas and St. Philip’s College (where we spent the first two days of the conference) have wonderful histories and respect for the stories told there as well as looking at a future of meaning. The theme of South of the Border was dealt with in-depth in panel discussions, and we also had some time for tourism.


Mission San Jose, photo courtesy Mary Robison.

Sitting in for an ill board member at the meetings of the other History groups, I gained a perspective of inclusiveness and collaboration that I hope will be a hallmark of our future work.   It was amazing to have names and faces I had only read about become colleagues, as we looked at ways not only to enshrine the past, but really to understand the people who lived it and how the Lord was leading them.  Uncovering passions that motivate the scholarship of people you meet at the breakfast line or waiting for a formal meeting to begin was for me the highlight.

I returned home trying to meet the challenge in my own world.   Who are the women I want to interview, to have a sense of their dedication and calling?  Who are the seminarians I want to ask about the research possibilities in their lives and to encourage that and alert them to funding possibilities in EWHP?  Who are the youth leaders and story tellers who can translate and fill with meaning for our young people . . . making faded photograph collections, family histories, even parish bulletins and archives, not just a place to gather dust but to find a way to translate those stories into a technology or a showcase that speaks to our church today.

What gave me even more hope, as our beloved church moves forward into tomorrow, was a phone interview with a Hispanic woman artist with a commitment to sharing the beauty of the Anglican/Episcopal traditions as it speaks to women of her culture. That’s what EWHP and Episcopal history is all about!

Susan Riggs Guise

… attending her first Tri-History Conference and her second meeting of the EWHP Board. Thanks, Susie, for the many gifts you bring our group! This year, Susie will coordinate the All the Saints, All the Time campaign. Read more about that here!

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